junius on boat smugmug


Hello and welcome to this space. Hope you'd have a wonderful visual experience here.
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A few points that you might be interested to know.       1/ All the images here are available for download for FREE, with only one condition: that the image(s) be always referenced to "Junius Wong", "JuniusWong.com", or "TheWorldTourist.com" as the source. (Prints, mugs, and postcards, on the other hand, can be ordered online.)       2/ You might like to familiarize with the buttons below each image as they meant to enhance your browsing experience.       3/ The images produced here are the result of "outright" photography with minimal touch-up and post-processing. I believe when you look at my works
from this perspective, you might get a bit more enjoyment out of them. Thank you.
Live Life, Junius.
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