Hello, Welcome to my Gallery. A few points that you might be interested to know.

1/ All the images here are available for download for FREE, with only one condition: that the image(s) be always referenced to "Junius Wong", "", or "" as the source.

To download, simply hover over the image, select the size, and then right-click to "save image as ..." to grab a copy. (If you want prints, mugs or postcards, they are available at very affordable prices. Just click the "buy" button on the image and go from there. )

2/ I think it is good to mention that my passion in photography is to produce images outright with minimal touch-up and editing. I believe that when you look at my works from that perspective, you might get a bit more enjoyment out of the viewing experience.

3/ It is the intention to keep each image on display for a limited time only, depending on popularity. For that matter, your "likes" or "comments" would be a useful guide to me to strike the right balance. Thanks once again for doing that. It is highly appreciated, even though I couldn't practically respond to each one of them.

Live Life, Junius